Leadership, History and Gaming in One

“As more Gen Ys emerge into leadership, not only will the ‘team value proposition’ come to the fore, but the paradigm of the generation of community will start to influence the organization’s priorities […]” – Adam Kingl, Director of Learning Solutions at London Business School

I am very fond of Generation Y.  Because they will carry the world forward – and what happens to the world is important to me, and because I trust them to do it in a responsible way. I admire their courage to be themselves, their entrepreneurial attitude and inclusion. I also love the fact that they continue to play games, online games that is,  as adults.

One person who helped me improve my relationship with online gaming is Jane McGonigal, an American game designer and author who advocates that online games – and in general mobile and digital technology,  are useful channels to create positive attitudes and cooperation in the real world. I believe Jane is an admirable person and her messages very much resonate with me.

Here is Jane explaining how gaming can make a better world and, horefully, its organizations, too.


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