Change Leader, change starts with yourself

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” – Leo Tolstoy

In my previous blog post I was talking about Marshall Goldsmith’s recommendation to look at engagement from a personal perspective first, as summarized in the question: “Did I do my best to…?’ By improving our contribution to the world, we change our world.

I am happy to propose today an article entitled “Change Leader, Change Thyself”, published by McKinsey & Company, that follows the same line of thinking and presents us with a map for leaders to look both inward and outward when dealing with organizational change. Authors: Nate Boaz, principal at Mc Kinsey and Erica Ariel Fox, founding partner at Mobius Executive Leadership.

Quoting the article, “[…] change efforts often falter because individuals overlook the need to make fundamental changes in themselves”. Here below is a link to the article.

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