Human Resources has evolved into a professional function and important partner in an organization’s strategy, planning and operational processes. Consequently, the HR function and HR professionals need to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the company’s activities.

As a Chartered Member of the UK Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) I have a breadth of experience covering a range of HR specialisms and their contribution to integrated people solutions to business problems, but also an in-depth understanding of several areas, such as:

Auditing the HR function

Identifying the specifics of the organization and its human resources function and proposing improvement measures.

Auditing HR is a three-steps process:

  • getting the information
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • action planning
HR Strategic Management
  • formulating an HR Strategy derived from business objectives
  • informed about the market conditions
  • aligned with the company culture
Workforce Planning and HR Project Management
  • analyzing the current human capital and the demand for new roles and people over a period of time
  • planning, implementing and following up regularly on a number of targeted HR initiatives addressing staff evolution
Leadership Development
  • leadership assessment and assisting the organization in managing leadership change.
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