Laissez les bontemps rouler! Let the good times roll!

I wouldn’t want to let the month of August pass without writing a note about the Birkman Annual Conference that took place in New Orleans this month.

Roger Birkman introduced 65 years ago the “Test for Social Comprehensions”. Today, Birkman is a reliable method for understanding behaviors, mindset and personalities, applicable individually and in organizations with very positive results.

The conference was an amazing event from all possible perspectives. The agenda was already interesting, as Birkman is progressively reinventing itself through Birkman Next, and it has proven to be worth every session over the three-day event.

Workshops covered a vast array of interests from a deeper understanding of the method, its use and large set of reports available, to engaging and practical sessions delivered by consultants or corporate client representatives illustrating the use of the Birkman method in team building, education, career management, employee engagement and coaching. Independent consultants also appreciated the firm’s support in driving the Birkman business and the client’s bottom line.

The organizers paid equal attention to their guests, although I felt that we, people who came a long-distance from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia have been much praised for our effort. The conference was a sharing space in which we openly and freely discussed our perspectives, business, challenges and successes with Birkman staff and partners from around the globe.

As New Orleans is unique city, I would like to conclude with the distinctive Birkman Profile of a New Orleanian as presented at the conference:


  • Spending time in historic Jackson Square
  • Walking through the French Quarter
  • Enjoying the Steamboat Natchez cruise
  • Observing street musicians and performers


  • Fascinating and vibrant
  • Culturally and historically-rich
  • Unique accents and vocabulary


  • Readily available king cake during Mardi Gras
  • Season tickets to Saints football games
  • Po-boys, gumbo, fluffy beignets and etouffee and…in Sharon Birkman Fink’s closing statement…

Laissez les bontemps rouler! Let the good times roll!


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