To help you clarify your career direction or to prepare you for your next career move by creating more self-awareness regarding your values, skills and experience, and about what it means to put them at best use in the reality of the market today.

Birkman is a valuable self-assessment tool to capitalize on your preferences that lead to job satisfaction.From the Birkman perspective, everyone is equipped with a unique set of strengths, acknowledging that there is a variable degree of success in applying these strengths in different environments.


Know or acknowledge your strengths, and compare them with general occupational data to understand what career attracts you most and how you would perform in specific professional roles.

Through Birkman, you will be able to confirm or review your career choices and decisions by being more aware of your strengths and inner motivations, and by understanding what work environments would most probably foster your abilities and interests, leading to higher job satisfaction.

We will access and enlist your personal and professional values, and look together at your personal work style, leadership style and possible challenges at work.

We will paint an image of your authentic vocation from the inside out, and will complete our work with identifying your unique selling points and with rehearsing them in role-play interviews.

Birkman International offers an array of supporting materials as, for example, the Birkman Signature Report, career exploration, coaching and leadership style reports.

Career Coaching Process (steps)
  • Step 1

    We would have a brief conversation to clarify your objectives and expectations from the career-coaching program. What would you like to see different? How would you know the program was successful for you?

  • Step 2

    Complete the Birkman questionnaire and have the first interpretation of your Birkman Signature report, including the career map. Birkman reports are presented in a graphic form and must be interpreted by a certified Birkman professional.

  • Step 3

    Deepen the understanding of the Birkman scores and work styles, and map potential careers through the Birkman Coaching and Career exploration reports. Use personal guide pages, leadership style and possible challenges at work information to mind map your career choices. This step may cover up to 3 sessions of the program.

  • Step 4

    Complete the Birkman profile with a conversation about your personal values and about your knowledge, skills and job expectations - geography, salary expectations, suitable businesses included, to prepare for an action plan. Step 4 is usually concluded in 1-2 sessions.

  • Step 5

    Forward the action by designing a clear and concise career plan to approach your next career steps, within or outside of your current organization.

  • Step 6

    Discuss real life professional stories, learn how to create and write 3-4 unique selling propositions based on your past professional experiences and greatest achievements.

  • Step 7

    Write, rehearse and practice your USPs with your coach. Prepare for interviews. Recognize the various stakeholders supporting your career move and focus on successfully involving key stakeholders in your transition.


The Career Coaching program is structured as follows:

  • First month: induction, Birkman questionnaire plus 1×1.5h f2f or video conf. for the Birkman Signature Report
  • Following months: 3×30′ phone sessions and continuous e-mail support for the entire duration of the program.
Client Investment
  • Total investment is £1095 for the 3 months program (steps 1-5) and £ 1395 for the 4 months program (steps 1-7)
  • The cost is split in:
  • £ 495 for the 1st month, including the Birkman questionnaire
  • £300 per month for the following months.

How to Get Started

Please contact me at to book an appointment to discuss how this program matches your needs and expectations. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Additional: Using Birkman for Leadership Development

Birkman offers a trove of information for better team awareness and cooperation, while valuing different leadership styles and individual strengths. I design bespoke team programs with my clients, based on their specific needs.

Similarly, I support clients with leadership assessments and comparative style reports between people in the same team.

For more information about leadership development, conflict management, team awareness and teamwork programs based on the Birkman Method, please see

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