Birkman is a Behavioral and Occupational Assessment tool that can help you identify what is meaningful and satisfying work for you, whether you are choosing what to study or you are transitioning in a new role.

Use Birkman to:

• Identify the most suitable career for you
• Build your personal brand
• Leverage your strengths
• Set new development goals
• Prepare your next career move
• Plan in advance for a secondary career

How Birkman Helps You Identify the Best Career Match

The Birkman Method provides both personality and occupational data to help understand behaviours unique to you, as well as what brings you works satisfaction across different situations and industries.

Knowing your unique interests, work style and behavioural personality traits and will help you seek work that motivates you, which is more likely to help you feel challenged and engaged, and to achieve success.

The Birkman self-assessment will prove valuable in clarifying your preferred career choices and will help you exploit this new (or confirmed) knowledge in finding job satisfaction. The Birkman Career Exploration report ranks 18 professional job families and those job titles best fitting your unique profile.

“Birkman gives individuals a deeper understanding of themselves, the career options that align to one’s natural strengths, how they are motivated, and what interests them in a career.” –

Birkman International is a company with a 65-years success history, high professional reputation and a large global reach.

Specifics of The Birkman Method

Birkman interprets complex personality traits through a simple, visual, and memorable format. Specifically:

  • Online Assessment
  • 298 questions (250 true-false, 48 multi-choice questions)
  • 30 minutes (average time to complete)
  • Results available immediately after completion
  • Questionnaire translated into over 20 languages

What the Birkman Reports Will Show You

  • Interests – Activities you enjoy and are motivated by in your work and personal life
  • Usual Behavior – Your effective and productive behavioral style for tasks and relationships
  • Needs – How you need to be or expect to be treated by other people and your environment
  • Stress Behavior – Your ineffective and unproductive behavioral style when your Needs are not met consistently
  • Career Data– 18 job families, 200+ unique job titles

Birkman is the only assessment that captures underlying Needs, which, when fulfilled, keep you motivated and help you recharge in your career, and in your life in general.

Facts about Daniela’s experience with Birkman

Daniela has been a Birkman Certified Professional since 2015, though she had been enticed by the Birkman story since 2005 as an executive client herself; she has continued to stay updated on Birkman over the years. As an independent career consultant and coach, Daniela has launched over 250 successful assessments and had one-to-one and team Birkman conversations with individual and corporate clients in the UK and across Europe.

We offer the following Birkman services:

Birkman Basics

Birkman Basics report – your interests, a behaviours map, strengths and career assessment

Includes feedback conversation with the Birkman Certified Consultant 1.0 h, online

Price: £125

Birkman Advanced

Birkman Basics report + the more detailed Career Exploration report

Includes Feedback Conversation with the Birkman Certified Consultant 1.5h, online

Price: £195

Birkman Premium

Birkman Basics + the complete Career exploration suite

Includes Feedback Conversation with the Birkman Certified Consultant 2.0 h, online

Price: £295

The Birkman career exploration suite includes:

  • Personality elements, such as your interests and your strengths
  • Career analysis based on the ranking of 18 job families and related job titles
  • Leadership traits based on your preferred work styles
  • Insights into how you approach interviews
  • Information about how you work with other people
  • Tips regarding your job search.

How to Get Started

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