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Where do we even begin when we know, feel or dream of a career change? What possibilities lay ahead? What choices?  Are we “at choice” before we are offered a job? We should, but do we truly feel empowered from the beginning until the end? What is my true voice? And last, but not least, do I know what I want?

These are some of the questions that my clients find answers to as they design their future career roadmap, anchored in personal awareness and an increased capacity for self-expression, during the coaching sessions.

Career coaching is an opportunity for self-reflection, identifying new career options, smart planning and for finding the way forward; it is a laboratory for the real-life career change process.

The Birkman Method®, a prominent behavioural and occupational assessment tool, is a source of inspiration and the perfect starting point for me and for my clients in search of a fulfilling career. 


My Books


Navigating Conversations in the Workplace

A Communication Map

cover book
The “Me, My Team and The Organization” communication model introduced in this eBook is a practitioner’s proposal for improved communication. While it draws from research, and well-established theories and practice, it is also simple. It invites readers to look at communication through the eyes of the individual at work.

Talking about communication in the workplace, and about organizational culture in general, is a huge topic. Navigating conversations in the workplace is equally complex and important both in our personal as in our professional lives.


M&A Due Diligence

Checklist for Human Resources


“An estimated 70 percent to 90 percent of all M&As fail to achieve their anticipated strategic and financial objectives. This rate of failure is often attributed to various HR-related factors.” (Society for Human Resource Management).

This is step-by-step guide to make the HR due diligence simple and comprehensible.


Strategic Workforce Management Made Easy

Getting the right number of people with the right competencies in the right jobs at the right time


You might be interested in Strategic Workforce Management if your organization needs to:
Expand rapidly in a market with little unemployment or you need access to competencies that are not currently available
Retain high-value specialists or leaders with specific competencies, or you are hiring at a higher cost in a market with scarce resources
Manage a downsizing programme.

What my clients say

  • “I have participated in team sessions that helped ME be a better leader; through Daniela's team session WE have become a better team altogether”

    P.S. Pharma Corporate Client, 2019
  • "Daniela has a very solid HR and leadership development experience and a very broad international experience. As [an] executive, Daniela positions HR as a strategic business activity. She is a strong leaders’ coach and, while it is pleasant to work with her, Daniela is able to challenge the CEO and other board members. She is a good listener."

    R.H. Banking Corporate Client, Amsterdam, 2013
  • "Daniela designed a logical coaching framework for our leadership team, with a very good mix of input and active participation. She created a trustful atmosphere, and offered positive and effective feedback to the group interventions."

    P.H. Banking Corporate Client, Zurich, 2018
  • "The leadership team session designed and facilitated by Daniela elicited a lot of honesty, covered a lot of ground and led to concrete outcomes in a very short time."

    L.Y. Banking Corporate Client, Geneva, 2018
  • "Daniela's facilitation of the ExCo team session on the theme of co-creation met my highest expectations. The discussion was spot on daily challenges, with the right mix of open discussions, reflection and exercises."

    A.C. Banking Corporate Client, Zurich, 2018
  • "Our coaching sessions are easy-going and pleasant conversations that leave me thinking, opening up new perspectives and new assumptions."

    A.C. Pharma Corporate Client, Bratislava, 2017
  • "Working with Daniela was really effective, professionally and personal wise.I deeply appreciated her brilliant emotional intelligence, her honest and transparent communication style and her availability for an open personal relationship, on top of her ability to offer tailored-made support, effectively selected among a wide range of tools earned in her impressive experience.These qualities of Daniela built a trusting environment between us, where, with her support, I quickly realised the personal benefit of pursuing an important change in my life, reaching awareness of the need to look for a new important challenge, and the self-confidence of being ready for it."

    S.M. Individual Client, Frankfurt, 2015
  • "I feel very grateful for the Team Effectiveness & Leadership coaching provided by Daniela. She’s very knowledgeable and caring. Not only did she offer practical approaches to improve our team effectiveness, she provided tips for maintaining the right mind-set.I was very pleased with Daniela's professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm. She was creative and visionary in her ideas, but also had impeccable follow-up and took care of all the details. Finally, her affable personality was a cherry on the 
cake.I would work with her anytime for all the knowledge, kindness, expertise and hands-on care she offers."

    I. K. Manufacturing Corporate Client, Munich, 2016
  • "Thank you. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you on our team and personal development. It was a chance to look at us differently and to challenge our habits and our beliefs. I have especially appreciated how professionally you have invited me to ask questions and look for answers for which I didn't think I was ready. Due to our work I have a more optimistic view for the future and for this I am truly grateful."

    C.M. Manufacturing Corporate Client, Turin, 2015
  • "It has been a while and I would like to say these two things: I feel like a winner because being self-aware is now a habit; Thank you for helping me grow; I feel stronger and better."

    G.B. Individual Client, Bucharest, 2016
  • “Daniela was for me like a mirror in which I saw myself smarter, more determined and more successful. And she let me look in this mirror for so long that I felt I really became smarter, more determined and more successful. Coaching is about asking great questions. And Daniela is the queen of great questions. She has empathy, a rich life experience that gives her understanding of the most subtle aspects, and she has curiosity. Genuine curiosity. The type of curiosity that makes you inquire the deepest levels of your existence. I would recommend anyone to take a journey into themselves and their true potential with Daniela as their guide.”

    R.P. Individual Client, Bucharest, 2016
  • “Daniela helped me become more self-aware, but mostly she helped me discover new inner resources that support my personal journey towards transformation! I’ve learnt to live “here” and “now” and I’ve acquired new ways of relating with other people – simpler, more natural and efficient. I am naturally creative, resourceful and whole.”

    E.B. Banking Corporate Client, Bucharest, 2015
  • “Initiating your coaching practice is the right step for you to take. It’s your mission. I expect people to value working with you already after the first session.”

    J.W. Banking Corporate Client, London, 2015
  • “From the moment I met you, I knew that I will finally “ meet me” as well. And it happened. Looking back, I can easily say that having you as a coach is one of the most wonderful experience that I have lived. At professional level, thanks to you and the coaching program, I’ve stepped into another dimension, I’m having more than two eyes, and my impact is growing.”

    I.I. Banking Corporate Client, Bucharest, 2014
  • “Daniela helped me to leverage on my skills and to abandon prejudices I had about myself and my limits. To tact and sensitivity Daniela added sincerity and, when necessary, firmness, for an objective reading of the reality. At the end of coaching, I had the basics in order to continue the development work and this gave me satisfaction.”

    C.L.C. Banking Corporate Client, Milan, 2013
  • “Hi, Daniela! I found this quote in an article I was reading this morning: Coaching is about exploring possibilities together with a fellow human being. The thrill occurs when new potential is discovered and begins to develop. I remembered how much you helped me through coaching and wanted to share…Thank you!”

    E.B. Banking Corporate Client, Vienna, 2013
  • “I have changed a ship out there fighting all the time to travel the rough and uncharted seas for one that slides through calm waters. I am now the owner of a ship that arrives unhindered to her port of destination. Its crew steps blissfully on new shores. Thank you for having helped me to build my ship”

    M.G. Banking Corporate Client, Bucharest, 2015
  • “Coaching with you has been one of the richest personal and professional experiences. At a personal level I have become more self-aware. Professionally, through coaching I have been able to communicate better to all stakeholders and to increase my impact both in terms of results and as a leader.”

    P.G. Banking Corporate Client, Vienna, 2015
  • “I like the emotional intelligence and intuition that allow you to “read” my feelings even over the phone, the way you reframe things so that I can learn from my own words, your patient guiding me back to essentials when I drift away. I trust our relationship.”

    M.L. Banking Corporate Client, Milan, 2015
  • “During the coaching trip, I had the chance to crack one mystery: it is not about raising your potential but it’s about comprehending and reaching your potential. Coaching revealed the unexploited resources I possess and invited me to decide on the ways of investing them. It was intense, powerful and rich; it’s outcome is there to stay.”

    A.D. Individual Client, Valencia, 2014
  • At first, when I began my coaching program  I was rather skeptical to what it was going to happen to me. My fear was that I was going to be exposed to a typical, standard method that was going to have so little to do with me. As if you are in a store and someone shows you a dress you normally wouldn’t even look at, asking you to try it on. You hesitate, but still you take it in the dressing room.And there, you have the biggest surprise: it seems that not only the new dress fits you perfectly but it also reveals to you things you missed by now, things you forgot to look at, things that you like. And only then, after you see this, you take the curtain down and show yourself to the others saying: “Hey, that’s me!”. And it’s a lot when you think that it is only the beginning…

    A.S. Banking Corporate Client, Bucharest, 2014
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